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“Navvee” is short for “Navigation” or “Navigator”. It’s what we do for our business and investor clients.

We’re not your garden variety business consultancy. Our experience is in how to actually run businesses, INCLUDING acquisitions, growth, exits, and how the law supports and frames a business’s operation.

We focus on what businesses need to get things done. On what it takes to build and develop strong operations. On providing the advice and materials and documentation that is needed to put together productive business relationships.

On first understanding business purposes and motivations and then providing direct instruction on how to achieve those goals, including getting the legal work done as quickly and efficiently as possible so that the legal department isn’t responsible for slowing or even killing a business deal.

Our range of business experience is broad, working with companies as small as start-ups through multiple top level (including top 10) companies from the Fortune 500.

At Navvee, we’re kind of like the navigation or maps function on your smartphone or in your car: We can help you plan out a great route, get to your destination fast or take the scenic route with all of the great stopovers along the way, skip the traffic or routes with accidents, and quickly adjust with you should your business take an unplanned or unintentional detour.

And we do our best to make it easy for you to work with us on an ongoing basis. Let us help navigate your business success.

Check out our range of services and then get in touch to get started. You’ll be glad you did.

By The Numbers *

Some of Navvee's key stats

You need a firm with experience. A team that can help with a variety of business needs. People with real business stories that you can relate to and leverage to build your own business success.

Different Industries Served
Billions US$ In M&A Experience Across The Entire M&A Lifecycle
Different Clients Served Over The Years
Years Of Experience

About Our Founder Ed Gehres


Ed Gehres is a seasoned business executive with direct C-level executive experience in multiple industries including technology, transportation, marketing services, cannabis and hemp. He also has consulting experience across financial, healthcare, media and entertainment, retail, manufacturing, food, government and military and more.

From a mergers and acquisitions (M&A) standpoint, Ed has been involved in the full process from strategy to targeting, deal negotiation, financing and due diligence, through closing and even integration of acquired assets. He has not only been a key executive in the process from both a buyer and seller\’s perspective, he has also been the attorney responsible for assembling deal paperwork.

The sheer diversity of his experience in business is hard to achieve, hard to find, and, for many, extremely valuable. It’s this wide breadth of experience with a broad catalog of measurable successes that led him to form Navvee.

Graduating cum laude from the University of Southern California\’s Political Science Honors Program, Ed then attended Pepperdine University School of Law where he focused his legal studies on business and commercial law. Ed was also a Captain in the US Army.

Navvee is Ed’s chance to spread his accumulated knowledge, experience and expertise to his clients and associates with an overarching goal of helping people build better businesses.

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