Are you a business owner, broker, or investor that’s looking for businesses to acquire? Need help finding motivated sellers?

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Do you need help finding motivated sellers?

Are You Finding It Difficult To Find Quality Deal Leads?

Are you looking for business owners or key executives that are actively looking to sell their company?

Maybe they’re even searching the internet trying to get information on how to sell their company?

Have you tried doing it yourself and ran into some of these common obstacles?


Software to find the right contacts at the right companies is expensive - the good ones are tens of thousands of dollars per year.


Learning how to use that expensive software takes time and practice. Do you want to spend time learning software or making deals?


Even pricey systems make mistakes. Data changes constantly. Cross checking with multiple systems consumes even more time to tackle accuracy problems.


Cheap lists of service sites like Fiverr or UpWork result in low quality, highly inaccurate leads that become returned direct mail, undeliverable email, or awkward phone calls asking for the wrong owner name.

What's Included In Deal Flow Services?

Navvee’s Deal Flow Services are done-for-you, bespoke lead services that provide quality leads to investors, brokers, and business owners that are looking for companies to acquire. We specialize in finding the leads that are most likely to produce a motivated seller.

Industry & Geo Location Specific Leads

You tell us what industry you are looking in and what geographical areas you are interested in. Need more than one industry & location paring? Not a problem - additional pairings are available at a discount.

Leads Delivered Weekly to your Email Inbox

We send fully vetted leads right to your email inbox at least once a week. Often more frequently. But always quality leads that are properly targeted and vetted for your specific search parameters.

No Lead Limit

We don't place limits on the number of leads we send you. You'll get as many quality leads as we find. That may be several hundred once a month and a few dozen the next. We believe that over time it evens out and we don't charge extra for going over an artificial limit.

Data from Industry Leading Data Souces

We use industry leading contact databases including ZoomInfo, Crunchbase, and Pitchbook, plus city, county and state governmental databases to ensure you always ger the most accurate data.

Dedicated Account Manager

You will be assigned to a Deal Flow Manager who is responsible for ensuring you get the leads you expect to get on an ongoing basis. If you ever feel like you’re not, you can contact them directly.

Adjust Search Parameters Anytime

Needs change, and we understand that investors learn more about what they are looking for as they search and have conversations. You can adjust your search parameters anytime.

No Training Required

No systems training required. And we don't need you to do anything special to tell us what to look for. We understand the acquisitions game and we know what to look for. You just give us your acquisition criteria - we do the rest.

Valuable Add-On Services Also Available

If you're busy and need even more help with immediately contacting leads, gathering financial data or doing an even more detailed vetting of the prospect, we have services for that as well. We can help.

Choose a billing frequency and get started today with special, limited time discounted pricing!


Deal Flow
$ 159 Per Month
  • For A Limited Time Only

Semi Annually

Deal Flow
$ 149 Per Month
  • For A Limited Time Only


Deal Flow
$ 139 Per Month
  • For A Limited Time Only
Best Deal

Need more than one industry/location pairing? We have you covered.

Each additional industry/location pairing is billed at the following rates. Add up to 5 additional pairings to get the lead flow you need to close all the deals you want.


Deal Flow Add-ons
$ 79 Per Month
  • For A Limited Time Only

Semi Annually

Deal Flow Add-ons
$ 69 Per Month
  • For A Limited Time Only


Deal Flow Add-ons
$ 59 Per Month
  • For A Limited Time Only

Need more reasons to sign up now?

Consider this...

WHAT IF YOU RECEIVED 5, 10, 20 or even 50 contacts in your email one, two or even three times a week, every single week?

What if those contacts were for the key executives or owners at companies in the industry you were interested in, in the locations you were targeting, AND they were looking around for information on selling their company?

Pre-screened, validated contact information, for exactly the right people at exactly the kind of companies that you are looking for.

Every week, in your email, without having to do any of that prospecting work yourself?

Now – what if you got that information for less than you spend for coffee each week at Starbucks?

For less than the price of a single weekly business lunch?

Would you be interested in a service like that?

Wanna talk ROI...?

How much is even a single successful lead worth to you?

$1,000$ $5,000? $25,000? $500K? $1M? More?

And if you are getting 10, 20 or a few dozen highly qualified leads in your inbox every week — not just a blind list pull, but actual vetted prospects — how much is a service like that worth?

With even a 1% success rate, and only a dozen leads a week, with, for argument’s sake, even one successful lead being worth $10,000, you are still looking at making over $60,000 with Deal Flow from Navvee.

And for less than $50 a week?!

Seems like a pretty good return on investment, doesn’t it?

Do the math – just in that one conservative ROI calculation, you are looking at a 2,207% return on your investment!

Wouldn’t you feel silly to pass up that kind of ROI?

We’ve already done it. You really should take advantage of our experience.

At Navvee, we work solely with individual investors, business brokers, and businesses that are actively looking to acquire other companies. We know the challenges that come with trying to build deal flow, with trying to locate and initiate communications with the right level people at the types of companies you want to buy.

Even more important, we know that when you get busy and stop, it can be even harder to start up again.

You forget where you left off. Who you contacted or didn’t. And what the situation was the last time you talked to a particular owner or executive.

It’s like that time you quit exercising or going to the gym for a few weeks because of an injury or an illness. Getting back into the right routine is SO hard to do. You never want to give up that rhythm or mementum.

We know the challenges of even finding the right type of deal flow leads.

You can spend hours poring over information from various systems, spending money on multiple solutions, spending time learning about those systems and what they are good and not good for. Understanding which system provides the best data of each type.

It’s not easy. It can be a serious time suck, too.

We know, because we’ve spent a ton of time tying to build deal flow for our own investments and business pursuits and we’ve gone through all of these same pains.

But we also know how to build a service around a specific need like this and how to make it easy to use, efficient, and highly cost effective.

Ready To Get Started Today?

Don't Get Left Behind By Your Competitors

The discounted pricing won’t last. And that means that for less than you spend on coffee every week you could have fully vetted deal leads sent directly to your email inbox. Don’t invest in software. Don’t spend time learning how to do it. Don’t spend time doing it all yourself. Don’t waste your admin or VA’s time on figuring it out and probably getting it wrong. Just sign up for Deal Flow Services and let us keep you focused on evaluating, negotiating and closing deals, every week, all year ’round, for as long as you need it.

"Let Navvee help find you the business owners and executives that you want to talk to. Our Deal Flow Services get you exactly what you need, every single week, right to your inbox!"
Chantelle W.
Navvee Deal Flow Manager

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