Focusing on Results to Get Results – Navvee on Brainz

Focusing on results to get results. Navvee on Brainz.

Ed Gehres of Navvee recently debuted as an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine, a publication focused on business, leadership, lifestyle and mindset. His debut article is entitled, “The Secret To Managing Remote Workers Is Focusing On Results“.

Applying his experience building and leading remote teams as well as understanding some of the drivers for company’s calls to return to the office, the article speaks to how to enable people to continue to contribute remotely. Leveraging an understanding of each team member’s responsibility, the results they are responsible for, the methods, processes and milestones they need to hit to achieve those results, and how to best use office space and systems to support them, it’s a quick read on going from a pandemic driven work from home (WFH) mandate to a longer term flexible work environment, one that will increase productivity and worker satisfaction.

If you are looking for assistance with transitioning your company into a more flexible, results focused workplace, then contact us today for advice and assistance on how to get that done for your specific business.

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