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General Counsel Services

Consult with  your attorney on a moment’s notice plus  monthly check-ins.

Advisory Services

Get regular advice on a variety of business topics whenever you need it.

Easy to Get Started. Easier to Use.

services Many law firms offer a single or a small handful of options, hourly billing and fixed fee being the most common.  And sometimes nothing but a custom set of services that fit your specific need will do.

But very often what a business owner is looking for is simplicity. You want a solution that is put together by someone with the right experience and expertise that does just what you need and nothing more.  And you need it now.

>> Need an attorney on speed dial to consult with on a moment’s notice as well as regular monthly check-ins?  Look into our General Counsel Services.

>> Looking for an experienced business and law professional to provide counsel and advice on a variety of business matters as you work to grow your business?  Then try our Advisory Services.

>> Want help getting not just getting your business formed but getting your company started and headed in the right direction?  Try our Start-Up Services.

If you think you could benefit from signing up for more than one service at a time, we will combine services into packages based on your situation.

And if you know that what you need is the full white glove treatment with a custom plan, even if that plan is repeated on a monthly basis, we can do that, too.

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Business Consulting

For all sorts of custom projects to help you grow your business.

Start-Up Services

Don’t just form a company, launch a successful business.

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