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Navvee’s Advisory Services offerings take many of the key issues that keep leaders up at night and provide ongoing access to an expert confidant and mentor to help keep decisions — and your business — flowing.  Some of the ways that these service packages can be used include:

Executive Coaching

When you’re in charge you’re expected to lead. To have the answers.  To be able to act decisively. Leadership is a whirlwind of data, resources, situations, systems, partners, vendors, customers, and people.  And you can’t afford to be wrong. To be successful under the pressure of leadership, access to a coach with experience leading companies, departments and teams – and legal experience to boot – is exactly what you need to stay on top of your game. Navvee can help.  Contact us and find out more about our executive coaching services.

Operational Consulting

Making a business run properly, to maximize efficiency and effectiveness, to develop highly motivated teams of professionals across the company, and to have strong processes, procedures, systems, and policies in place is just as challenging as it sounds. Leverage Navvee’s experience building strong, scalable, global business operations, including supporting data systems, and flexible, highly scalable organizational structures to help your business operate at peak capacity.  Contact us to find out more about how we can provide the insight, advice and direct assistance to drive your business success.

Team Building

A large number of business articles and books have been written about the importance of building teams. Of creating a safe and nurturing environment where your employees not only feel safe and protected but are also free to be the best they can possibly be. Navvee has experience with implementing strong career models, compensation plans, performance review and promotion schemes. We also have the legal experience to develop strong policy and procedures that will help protect your business as you build your team. Find out more about how we can help your company create the kind of work environment that will enable your employees to be at their very best, every single day.

Strategic Planning

A business plan is only as good as its most recent update. How long ago was yours? Let us help you freshen up that plan and set a vision for growth that fits your business potential and your own ambitions.  And then let us work with you on an ongoing basis with an Advisory Services subscription to ensure that your plans never get outdated again.  Contact us now to strategize your ongoing business success.

Explore our Coaching and Advisory Services Packages

COACH - Be the Best You - $750/month

  • Designed for individual executive coaching
  • Choose weekly 30 minute one-on-ones, or bi-weekly 1-hour one-on-ones
  • Unlimited email and text messaging with maximum 24-hour response time
  • Focus primarily on individual leadership and/or management skills development as well as handling current issues or opportunities

ADVISOR – An Angel on Your Shoulder - $1,250/month

  • Individual monthly executive advisory services with focus on both individual executive skills development as well as business advisory assistance 
  • Weekly 1 hour one on one calls focused on driving continuous results for you and your business – we can even sit in on and assist with your current weekly executive team meetings
  • Focus on providing advisory assistance to your successful business operation including special attention to business issues handling, effective team leadership skills development, and assisting with vetting business opportunities
  • Includes unlimited email and text messaging with maximum 24-hour response times
  • Includes a limited amount of offline research and preparation leading up to each weekly advisory session
  • Advisor Package subscribers also get a 10% discount off standard business consulting rates for larger project engagements

DIRECTOR – Expertise for Your Executive Team – $3,250/month

  • Executive team level advisory services.
  • While the ADVISOR package focuses on providing coaching for a company’s key executive or leader, the DIRECTOR package provides that same kind of coaching and advisory services across multiple key members of your company’s executive team; It is akin to having Navvee function as a member of your board of directors…without giving up a board seat.
  • Flexible regular interaction. Choose from:


Weekly 30-minute check ins with CEO and up to 2 other key executives


Weekly meeting with the key executive team of up to 1.5 hours each



Monthly executive team meeting of up to 2 hours with additional time devoted to meeting prep or shorter weekly CEO check-ins


  • Quarterly participation in Board of Directors meeting either as a named Director or as an executive advisor
  • Unlimited email and text from all registered executives with maximum 24-hour response times
  • Focus on business development, management and team leadership skills
  • Includes a limited amount of offline research and preparation leading up to each weekly executive call
  • Additional executive team member access for $700 per member per month up to a maximum of 10 executives (Max monthly = $8,150)

TEAM BUILDING - Facilitated Offsites - Starting at $5,000/day

  • Prices start at $5,000/offsite day, but vary based on agenda, number of participants, scope of services and location  
  • Designed for special events, annual planning and strategy sessions, and general team building, especially offsite conferences and retreats away from the office, or to bring a remote team together and build relationships and community
  • Offsite meeting agenda consultation — we can help you develop a powerful meeting agenda complete with innovative meeting sessions, themed evening and/or morning events and even outdoor team building events and exercises 
  • Location selection assistance — We’ll help you choose an appropriate location based on your agenda and company goals and objectives; Well chosen locations help facilitate the session and make the experience memorable for your team
  • Full onsite setup, direct coordination with event facility/location teams
  • Direct, professional facilitation of all meetings each day of the event
  • Cost effective event note taking and documentation services can also be added to ensure all of your team’s offsite efforts are captured and made actionable;  Services range from additional onsite personnel thru remote vantage team members and can also include full meeting videography 
  • WE CAN ALSO HELP MAKE SURE THAT YOUR OFFSITE MEETING ACTION ITEMS GET COMPLETED!  So often decisions and actions decided at great offsite executive events get lost after everyone gets back to the office and the regular daily grind.  We will NOT let that happen.  All action items from Navvee led offsite sessions include reminders and follow-ups from Navvee until the action item is either completed or the executive sponsor removes the item from the list of to-do’s.


In order to ensure enough time to make an impact on you and/or your business, every Advisory Services and Coaching package requires a minimum 6 month commitment, but if you feel like the services are just not fitting and want to quit early and we agree, we’ll cancel your subscription immediately with no further obligation.

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Coach rates can be adjusted based on individual client demand. We will discuss with you any additional options that you may want and what the associated cost is for the increased level of service.

For Advisor and Director level service packages, the rates shown are for the most common situations where a small or medium sized business needs ready access to a Business Advisor.  For larger companies or ones with more complex structures or more complex needs, these rates will likely not provide the level of coverage that you want or need.  We will consult with you as part of the intake process to ensure that these packages are suitable to your specific circumstances and will advise you if there is a greater need and associated cost for your particular situation. 

Note that Team Building and Facilitation rates start at $5,000 / day.  This is for the most basic level of event based services.  Contact us to discuss your specific situation and to get a customized quote for your meeting needs.


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