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The days of working with a separate law firm and business consultancy are over…

Now, there’s Navvee.

For way too long you needed one company to come and help you run your business smartly and efficiently and a whole other “firm” to come help with the legal matters to make that business consultant’s recommendations work.

Not anymore.  Now there’s Navvee. With business professionals who are also attorneys or who work directly with attorneys, you can get it all done with a single call.

Work with Navvee for any of the service areas below from strategic planning, to operational streamlining, to the implementation and optimization of business systems and software, to sales and marketing, and even human resources management and recruiting.

Navvee can help put together a business plan complete with financial models, find the software you need to run that plan to meet your targets, help you hire and plan compensation plans and career models to take care of your important team members, and ensure that all of your programs are properly and legally assembled.

Try us. You won’t find a better value anywhere else.

Scroll down for both a packaged assessment option as well as a description of some of the ways that you can get our help to grow your business into the successful enterprise you always imagined.


It doesn’t take a huge amount of effort for Navvee to provide you with both an assessment of your current business opportunities as well as to provide a set of actions you can take to improve your business and your results.

Most companies do a great job of telling you what’s wrong with a packaged assessment package.  Navvee knows that has little real value.  Many companies know at least instinctively what’s going wrong.  What they need help with is how to address it.

You don’t always need a full consultation project to move the needle of success.  Sometimes all it takes is a few good ideas and you can take it from there.

Navvee is happy to apply it’s extensive experience in business organizations and operations to help you get back on track.  Our Assessment and Planning Package is designed for exactly that.

Here’s how it works:

1 – We have an initial 60-90 minute consultation with you to understand what assistance you think you need.

2 – We then request a set of materials and documents from you for our review, likely to include organizational materials, business documents or reports, etc.  Then we dig in and start reading like a bunch of voracious bookworms.

3 – We request some follow-up interviews with members of your team.  Usually we need to talk with anywhere from one to a half dozen members of your team and for as little as 15 minutes and sometimes up to an hour.

4 – Then we prepare our assessment as well as develop a set of actions that can be taken to address the issues that we identify. Our focus is on you being able to get some quick value out of  our assessment and plan.  We’ll likely also provide some more in-depth recommendations.  At your option we’ll let you know what it’ll take for us to provide direct assistance with those recommendations.

The Navvee Business Assessment and Planning Package is a fixed price engagement that takes 5-10 business days, start to finish, and costs only $7,500.

Use the CONTACT US form at the bottom of this page to get started and schedule time for your initial consultation now.

Most of our Business Consulting services are provided custom to your needs.  Have a look at some of the areas we can help with below and then Contact Us for a Free Consultation or choose the Business Assessment Package described above and let’s get started.

Business Consultation Areas

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Strategy & Planning

  • Determine the path to growth that is most appropriate for your business.
  • Plot the specific strategies and tactics that will get your business where it needs to be
  • Determine the changes that need to occur and what departments need changes
  • Leverage mergers and acquisitions to achieve your growth goals
  • Pivot toward new opportunities and market trends
  • Conquer complexity with smart organizational planning and changes
  • Understand all of the opportunities to improve your business performance and plot your path to achieve it all

Operations Streamling

With strategies and business growth plans in hand or with the plans you are already working from, we can help you take the next step toward operational streamlining. 

    • Optimize processes and create flexible SOPs
    • Understand flows and systems requirements
    • Develop tools and methodologies to optimize throughput
    • Model the organizational structure that best fits your company’s business and team
    • Assist with reorganizations, global scaling, and right sizing

Systems & Software

No proper operational streamlining is complete without taking stock of your systems and software. We can help ensure you have the right ones in place or we can help you move to something better suited to your company’s needs.

    • Make sure that current systems fit your company’s needs
    • Determine the need for additional systems to serve your team
    • Lead systems selections and implementation projects
    • Assist with systems migrations and integrations between systems
    • Provide assistance with custom solutions where that is the best solution for your business needs

Sales & Marketing

With strategies and business growth plans in hand or with the plans you are already working from, we can help you take the next step toward operational streamlining. 

    • Build a full multi-channel marketing plan
    • Work out digital, social, content and traditional marketing methods designed to fill the funnel with highly qualifed leads
    • Provide assistance with content development and marketing
    • Ensure your website is earning organic traffic and converting visitors  at optimal levels 
    • Develop sales response plans and systems to ensure that leads are handled quickly and efficiently
    • Develop sales incentive compensation plans that ensure your reps are focused on the growth plans for the business
    • Keep your sales and marketing teams in sync, constantly building new business for your company

Human Resources & Recruiting

Building your business means you will need to properly care for and build on your most important business asset …  your people.

    • Develop your organization and take care of your people with proper job descriptions, salary plans, career models, performance plans, training programs and team building plans.
    • Ensure that hiring plans are made with appropriate timing to ensure that your team doesn’t get overtaxed and slow your growth
    • Create recruiting plans and train hiring managers on how to find the right person the first time … and then keep them on board and happy
    • Develop employee policies and procedures supported by proper systems so that team members can stay focused on the business and the customer and not administrative matters.

Legal Services

Whether it’s to support your operations with contracts and negotiations, to get all of the paperwork arranged for your M&A activity or to assist with handling personnel or business issues, we have a legal department that can provide you with outside counsel that is tightly aligned to your business plans and strategies.

    • A full range of Business focused legal services with licensed attorneys with extensive business experience.
    • Review contracts and assist with business transactions including mergers and acquisitions or supplier contracts
    • Assist start ups with entity selection and formation
    • Provide assistance to your human resources department to ensure that your handbook meets all governmental regulations
    • Provide advice and assistance with any legal issues that arise with regard to contracts, personnel or business partnerships gone awry.
    • Provide readily accessible legal advice and guidance for your business to help you stay on track with your growth plans. 

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