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The more we work with you, the more we know. The more we know, the more efficient we can be in providing assistance and advice.  And that efficiency means savings for you and your business.  Consider some of the ways that we can combine our services to create a combination package that will help drive your business success even further.

General Counsel + Advisory Services

Business owners know they need to have the phone number of an attorney handy for those days when you need an opinion about a letter or a new regulation or a contract review or a legal question about a business decision. But what if that same number also could assist with operational, systems, HR, marketing, and other business issues?  And when your attorney also knows how your business runs, that makes it even easier to help ensure that legal advice is business friendly or at least properly strategized as well.

Start-Up + General Counsel

When you first start your company there are numerous decisions of a legal nature that you will be faced with.  Having the phone number of an attorney close by, and especially one who has assisted with the formation and organization of your company can be a very helpful thing.  Add to that, you will be entering into contracts, forming business relationships, setting up employment policies and procedures, and more.  Don’t just start your company, launch it with a lawyer that knows business.

Start-Up + Advisory Services

Starting a company — forming the entity, getting business licenses, etc. — is the EASY part.  That’s the dirty little secret that many of the formation companies won’t tell you.  But once you get your new company formed, then you suddenly face a lot of additional business needs that you may need help with. Having Navvee not only help you get set up but also get your operational processes, systems, and more properly set up and going can be the true ticket to business success. 

Start-Up + General Counsel + Advisory Services

Forming a new company is great, but you’ll need some legal advice as you get going.  And setting up all of those operational processes and systems — probably need some advisory services assistance as well.  So why not get all three at once from a single source?  The more we know about your business, the more we can help, and the more efficient we can be at providing that advice.  So go for the trifecta – the discount is nice, but the one source for law and advisory is, in a word, priceless.

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