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Documentation is at the core of every business transaction. Reviewing and editing those documents shouldn’t be hard.

Navvee makes it simple and cost-effective.

Some documents are so poorly drafted that it doesn’t even make sense to redline them. They need to be redone, or you need to rethink about who you’re doing business with.  Let’s face it, if they can’t put together a proper agreement for you to work with them, then there may be other problems working with them as well.

But how do you know?

Do you have an attorney working for you that not only understands the law but appreciates the deal you are trying to put together?  An attorney or advisor who knows business and the law?

Now there’s Navvee. As a business first advisory and law firm we understand business first and foremost. We review documents with a solid understanding of what the goals are for the underlying agreement and what risks may be involved for each of the parties. We work with you and your business partners to create win-win agreements.

And we make it easier to work with us than just about any other firm around with a simple, packaged, two-step process:

1.  DocEval – This is a packaged service where, for a set fee, we do a preliminary review of the agreement or contract or other document that you need advice on.  We prepare a preliminary review for you to let you know if the document is viable or not, and if it is viable, how much work we think there is to make it sign-able.

2.  DocReview – With your understanding and acceptance of the DocEval recommendation, we get to work on redlining the document with a view towards crafting a win-win redline, and we ONLY charge you for the actual work done, NOT by the hour.

Have a look at the more complete descriptions of these services below and then reach out for help with your documents.  You’ll be glad you chose Navvee.


The Doc Eval — or document evaluation — process is a preliminary review of a presented document.  It does not involve any sort of redlining or editing.  It is strictly a discussion about intent followed by a review of the document to identify the suitability of the document for the intended purpose as well as to assess how much work will be required to address any issues or deficiencies that we might identify.  Here is how it works:

(1)  You sign up for the DocEval offering and send us the document to review.

(2)  We have a brief call or email or text exchange to determine what you want to get out of the arrangement or deal, or what you want the document to do for you (remember, this can also be used to review a document you have put together before you send it out to someone else).

(3)  We do a high level review of the document and then send you an email with our assessment of the feasibility of the document (does it work as is, does it need some editing, or is it completely incorrect or inappropriate for the intended purpose), what issues need to be addressed including an estimate of how many pages of the document will need to be redlined in the DocReview process. Any questions on the DocEval recommendations are handled via email or text. 

(4)  If you want to have us do the editing work, you sign up for a DocReview project and we get started.

Short DocEval (less than 10 pages)$500

Regular DocEval (10 to 40 pages)$750

Extended DocEval (up to 100 pages)$1295



Following a DocEval, Navvee will work on making required edits to a document on a per edited page basis. If we don’t have to change anything on any given page, we don’t charge you for it. If there are at least 3 changes on the page, then you pay a fixed price per edited page.  If a page has only 1 or 2 edits on it, then we total up the single edits and divide by 3 to determine whole page edits (e.g., 3 separate pages in your document with a single edit per page get totaled up and charged as a single edited page).

Here is how the DocReview process works:

(1)  You have already completed a DocEval or you are working with Navvee with a service package in which a DocEval was already completed.

(2)  You provide us with an editable MS Word version of the document to be edited (if you haven’t already done so) or a version of the document that can be easily imported into MS Word for the editing process.

(3)  We use the redlining feature in MS Word to make changes that protect your interests, ensure that both you and the other party achieve the results and the value you both want from the deal. You review our changes and then the edited document is sent out or you use it.

(4)  If the other party’s attorney sends back additional corrections or modifications, we’ll continue the review with the same per redlined page charge, and ONLY for NEW edits.  We’ll also work hard (including calls and emails with the other party’s attorney) to try and keep the back and forth changes to an absolute minimum.  We strongly believe that document editing should never be allowed to delay or kill a good deal.

DocReview Per Redlined Page:  $275

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