General Counsel Services

Every business needs a lawyer.  Have yours available on demand.

Most of the time the needs are advisory and routine, but it’s better to have one of us on speed dial than to wing it and be wrong.

Whether it’s to ensure that you are compliant with applicable laws and regulations for your particular industry or to ensure your interests are secure when you sell your products or services or buy the products and services of others, or to provide counsel and advice as you expand your business, acquiring new businesses and assets as you go. 

Our lawyers are businesspeople first and foremost. 

And our practice of law is focused on the needs of the business.  We focus on your goals and objectives, then figure out how you can legally achieve those aims. 

Every business doesn’t need a full time lawyer on staff. And most don’t want to have to pay hourly fees every time they pick up the phone or tap out an email to get a timely answer to a legal question. 

General Counsels don’t have to be licensed in the jurisdiction where your company is located. That is a common misconception. They provide general legal counsel and, should the situation require it, they will advise you that local counsel is required and will then help secure appropriate local representation to assist with your specific case. No more interviewing local attorneys to find someone, we help you get the attorney with the right skills whenever the situation calls for it.

And Navvee then helps you manage and get the most out of that outside counsel.  We help you to get exactly what you need for your business, when you need it.

Navvee’s General Counsel Services are designed to provide you with that “phone a lawyer” lifeline that is sized to the needs of your business. 

Sign up for General Counsel Services now, or schedule time to speak with one of our specialists to custom fit a General Counsel plan that fits your specific needs.

General Counsel Standard Services

Here are some of the ways that you can use General Counsel Services packages to assist with legal guidance for your business.  Each standard package provides for a fixed mix of these services, but you can always request a mix that is specific to the needs of your business.  Just contact us for a consultation and we’ll help put together the package that is right for your company’s needs and budget.  

Phone Consultation

Many times, written communications such as email or text messages are just not enough.  You need to talk it out. We make every effort to be available as close to on demand as possible, but will also schedule regular phone check-ins at your option. It’s “phone-a-legal-friend” service at its best.

DocEval Services

Sometimes you just need a quick look at a document or contract to find out how much work there is or to get a feel for how to approach the document with the other party.  Navvee DocEval services do just that.  We’ll take a read through the document or contract and let you know whether it’s ready for a redline or whether you should discuss it more with the other party first, and we’ll tell you what to discuss.


DocReview Services

One thing that every business needs is a legal eye on contracts or other documents.  Most firms charge a flat rate on a full job or charge hourly for the amount of time it takes to do the work. We keep it simple. Navvee charges a flat rate based on the number of pages that need corrections. See more in the FAQ below.


Adverse Party Contact

Ever get one of those letters or emails or text messages that made you think, “great, now I need to get an attorney.” It’s a bad feeling but many times those “my attorney is going to contact you” messages are best handled by YOUR attorney. Navvee GC services help prevent last minute attorney hiring.

Correspondence Check

You send emails, text messages and maybe write letters or marketing content every day in business.  Many companies have found out the hard way that something they said wasn’t the best way to do it.  Shoot that correspondence or content our way and we’ll help you make sure you’ve played it safe.

Strategic Consultation

Although talking strategy is just one way that you can use your phone consultation time, we wanted to point out just how important it is. Before you make a big business decision or get involved in or start a new strategic initiative, get time on the calendar with us.  We’ll help you evaluate the business and legal aspects of the strategy and help ensure that you get it done right … the first time.

Regulatory Check

Especially in heavily regulated industries, sometimes there is a need to contact regulators or government officials for information or status checks.  For many reasons, this is best done by an attorney. When you have a Navvee General Counsel services package, all you need to do is let us know what you need.  We’ll get in touch with the regulators or government officials on your behalf.


General Consultation

When you have general counsel, anytime you feel like you need to review, evaluate or otherwise talk through plans or actions or issues, you always know EXACTLY who to call.  No topic is out of bounds and the content of all calls are covered by applicable attorney client privilege rules. Get a lawyer in your corner and on call, ready to assist when you need it.  Sign up for a Navvee General Counsel Package today!

Frequently Asked Questions About General Counsel Services

How does DocReview work?

Most documents that you get in business don’t really require a lot of changes or significant redlines. Attorneys like to do a lot of editing for two reasons: (1) That’s how they make money, and (2) They like their own form or writing style or choice of language better and want to make the document more comfortable for themselves.  That’s not to say that all attorney editing is bad, but not every document needs the full editing, reviewing, multiple revisions and telephonic / email negotiation of terms  treatment. With DocuReview, Navvee performs a read-thru of the document and then sends over a brief list of potential issues and their risks.  If you are okay with the risks, you can move forward with the document and get the contract signed.  if you want to get some of the changes made, we’ll tell you how many pages of the document need to be redlined at our set rate per document page to address the issues you want to deal with.  You don’t even have to make changes to the entire document – if you are okay with some of the risks as they are and you just need help with one section, don’t pay for the review and redlining of the entire document, just pay to have the pertinent sections fixed.  Simple. Easy. Cost effective. Fast.

What does unlimited email and text messaging actually get me?

It’s exactly what it sounds like.  You can send emails and text messages to your attorney as much as you want.  As much as possible, the attorney will provide short, in-the-moment responses to your questions and inquiries. If your email or text message is more involved and requires a phone call, or DocuReview services, they will let you know right away so you know.  If there is a serious issue that you have raised with your email or text, they will also let you know that and propose a time to discuss.

Why are the agent and compliance services available to clients who haven't used Navvee's start-up services?

Quite simply because when you work with us to get your company formed, the systems we use set all of that up for us, so it’s easy for us to provide that to you as a service.  As long as we are handling your other attorney needs, we can handle these compliance matters as well leveraging the systems that we already use for that purpose.

Do Navvee General Counsel Services cover my legal expenses if I am sued?

No.  General Counsel Services are designed for the everyday law and legal issues that come up in business and are not designed to cover all of the extraordinary expenses involved in a lawsuit.  If you are sued, though, not only can Navvee review the lawsuit paperwork and give you some advice on strategy, we can also help you choose a strong litigation attorney and provide litigation support to that attorney for a discounted hourly rate.  Litigation support services help to ensure that the litigation attorney understands your business situation and can tailor your legal representation to match your business goals and objectives.

Have more questions?

Getting an answer to your question is as simple as filling out the form below.  We want you to understand how the service works and what to expect as well as what NOT to expect. So drop us a note and we can do a free consultation to get all of your questions answered in a quick and efficient manner.

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