Start-Up Services

Company Formations and Organizations

Don’t just form an Entity. Start a business.

Forming an entity (whether it’s a corporation, LLC or partnership or some other form) is not the same as forming a company.

It’s also not the same as starting a business.

Filling out forms and sending them in with the requisite fees to state and local governments and regulators isn’t hard.

Making sure that all of the agreements and plans and systems and contracts and other arrangements and business partnerships that you will need in order to actually operate your new business is the real challenge.

Many companies offer entity formation services, but few can boast the combination of strong business experience and legal expertise to get it all done properly.

And it can take a little bit of time.  Forming an entity is easy; starting a company and launching a business is not.

Work with us. We’ll not only form your entity and get it licensed, we’ll help you launch your business.

And once you’re launched, you’ll also enjoy access to ongoing services that will help navigate your business success long term.

>> For even more assistance, combine a Start-Up Package with a General Counsel and/or an Advisory Services package to get even more of the help you need to achieve business success.

Start-Up Package Services

Each package consists of the following types of services.  For each service a different level of service is provided based on the package that is best for your particular situation.  Two packages are set-up with standard level of services, or you can choose a completely custom package and pick and choose between which services make the most sense for your particular situation and needs. Review the service descriptions to help you decide, or skip to the contact us form at the bottom of this page to schedule time for us to help you choose.


Preformation Consultation

Start the process with a form to capture basic info and then a 1 hour review call with both an attorney and a CPA to ensure that the business and tax plan for the business is sound and no special issues are identified.


Entity Recommendation & Formation Plan

The legal and accounting professionals will provide a written recommendation and plan based on the intake form and pre-formation consultation.

Entity Formation

All forms will be created ,double-checked with the client, and then filed with the appropriate state agency to get the company formed.

NOTE that actual state filing fees are an additional charge to any package offering as they vary by jurisdiction.



Organizational Documentation Prep

All key documents for the business (e.g., Organizational Agreement for an LLC, Corporate Bylaws for a Corporation) will be created. Depending upon the package, the documents range from a standard form document with no frills to a fully customized document with clauses and language that are specific to your plans.

Organizational Meeting

A key aspect of forming a new company is the organizational meeting. Navvee’s services range from providing a plan and support for the meeting through a full service leading of the meeting to ensure the entity is properly formed and that all necessary legal compliance measures have been handled.


Post Organizational Meeting Follow-up

Following the organizational meeting there are several items that need to be handled to ensure that the organizational meeting actions actually take effect. These include everything from ensuring the documents get signed and filed in the Corporate Minute book to following up on specific action items that may have been voted on or resolved during the meeting. With the Basic package, Navvee provides a checklist and support. Professional package clients get guided through all of the processes to ensure that everything is done. Navvee handles everything for Complete package clients.

Business Licensing

Based on the information that has been provided during the consultation and on the intake form, Navvee will identify which business licenses the company will need in order to conduct the business it has planned. Basic clients get a list of licenses and how to apply. Professional clients get all license forms prepared for them but have to handle the filing and follow-up themselves with support from Navvee. For Complete clients, Navvee identifies and arranges for all business licenses on behalf of the new company.

Banking Setup

Setting up a bank account for the company is a key aspect of company formation. A company without a way of collecting and spending money has a very hard time doing business (a situation that has been a serious issue for cannabis industry clients for many years now). Navvee will at least help with providing banking options and recommendations and for custom clients will assist with initiating the process of opening appropriate accounts for your new entity.

Business Property Arrangments

Finding a suitable place for the company to do business is another key part of getting your new company started. Navvee can help with providing introductions to appropaite agents, assist with determining an appropriate location and building for your particular company needs. Navvee’s assistance in this area ranges from introduction to Navve business partners all the way to helping secure a suitable location.

Tax Registration and Related Filings

This service involves the process of getting accounts established for your new company with all tax authorities with which the new company will need to file returns including for payroll purposes. Navvee can again provide a range of assistance in this area from simply pointing you in the right direction to introducing you to partner organizations that will handle all of the details to shepherding you through the entire process to make sure you are all set.

Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

While Navvee does not do bookkeeping or accounting, this is another one of those business formation tasks that often gets forgotten until the bills have already started to pile up.  We’ll make sure you are getting setup with appropriate services and partners to make sure your business is ready to do business on day one.

Business Software Selection and Implementation

To actually get your business started, you are going to need to get some software purchased and setup. Navvee can help you determine what you need, what your options are and how best to go about getting those systems operational.

Setup Payroll Services

If your new business will have employees, you will need to be able to pay them and get all of the proper reports and payments submitted on a timely basis.  Although in a bygone era that was purely a paper chase and something that you worked with an accountant on, now there are so many different rules and requirements that it’s best to work with a professional payroll service … and there are lots of them.  Let Navvee help you pick the right one for your needs and be ready for payroll on day one.

Business Insurance Selection & Signup

Different businesses require different types of coverage based on the kinds of risks they face and their proximity to other parties that may be injured or damaged in the process.  It’s important and often legally required for  businesses to have proper and appropriate insurance coverage.  While Navvee is not an insurance brokerage, we will help you understand what you need and leverage an insurance partner to help you get all set up.  

Recruiting Assistance

Most companies are amazed at how hard it can be to get good help.  When you are just getting started and you have a lot of other tasks to handle, getting employees can be time consuming and tricky.  While Navvee is not an employment agency, we can help get you connected with a partner agency and provide guidance on how to set up your contract with that agency so you get what you need for only the amount you need to spend.

Employee Policies & Procedures

Employees also require guidance.  When will they be working, what are their holidays. how many days off can they take, what should they do if they are injured on the job, how should they dress while on the job, what equipment will they be working on and how will it be issued to them, etc.  Employee handbooks for a new company can be hard, but we can help with a standard template and with expert guidance on what else your specific policies should include.

Employee Benefits Programs

Will you be offering benefits to your employees?  Should you? Are you maybe even legally required to in the jurisdiction where your business is operating?  And if you do, where do you get them, how do you interpret what the plans mean, what the costs are, what reports need to be sent in and to whom, etc.? Navvee will help you with getting ready for day one including helping to identify requirements and getting you setup with a trusted benefits partner.

Company Logo and Website Setup

Many times a logo and a company website are the single most important first impressions a business make. Lots of services now offer assistance with these needs and easy to use templates to get your site started, but are you an artist?  Will you be able to come up with the kind of branding that will compel customers to work with you? While Navvee is not a creative agency, either, we can connect you with agency partners and assist with identification of appropriate messaging and policies for your web presence.

Marketing Plans and Support

You probably already know what your business is all about and how you are going to get customers, but getting Navvee’s experienced eyes on that plan can help make it even better.  It will also help us advise you on other start-up matters as well as help you determine what you will need to do to effectively execute your plans.

Standard Business Contract Development

Every business works with contracts.  Whether it’s a standard terms and conditions statement for an e-commerce site or specialized transactional contracts for the business you will be doing everyday, in order to get your business up and running, you will need them.  Navvee can help you identify your needs and then provide custom templates for you to use in your business right on day one.  And over time, as your needs change, we can help you keep them relevant.

Add-On Services

At your option, you can choose to have Navvee assist with the following additional services on an annual basis for an additional fee.

Annual Compliance Support

Every business has some amount of annual reporting or license renewals or inspections to pass in order to maintain their status as a lawfully operating business.  If you’ve formed your company with one of Navvee’s Start-up Packages, we can help you stay compliant on an ongoing basis as well.

Registered Agent Service

For a very reasonable fee, Navvee (or one of its partners) can provide registered agent for service for your business in almost any US jurisdiction.  Just let us know and we will get it all arranged for you.

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