Navvee builds win-win agreements that not only avoid conflicts, they build lasting relationships.

Every business makes and forms contracts. 

They can be as simple as the terms and conditions that accompany an order for a batch of cupcakes. 

It could be an agreement with a delivery service company to agree upon service levels, standard operating procedures, system integrations or data sharing, or special uniforms for delivery personnel or trade markings for delivery vehicles.

Contracts can be as complex as joint venture agreements that span continents and countries and product lines with expectations ranging from employee hiring policies to ingredient or component manufacturer selection processes or standards. 

And they can make or break your business at the drop of a hat.

Of course, because they are so important, they can also be the subject of endless revisions and language changes.  Tiresome editing sessions and endless email loops trying to get the language of the agreement “just right” instead of focusing on the value that document represents to the contracting parties and trying to make the process as painless and as win-win right out of the starting blocks as possible.  

Navvee understands the importance of protecting a company’s interests and ensuring that they are not left holding the bag or blamed for issues that arise out of a deal.  But we also understand that lawyers need to be facilitators, not “deal killers”.   

Trust us to help you get solid contracts drafted, negotiated and executed in a timely manner that reflects our experience with and appreciation for the needs of the business.

Here are some of the ways that we can help navigate your business to success with contracts.


It seems like a simple thing to write a contract and, to be sure, there are a lot of online services that claim to enable you to simply grab one of their templates, plug in your data and be all ready to go.

Most of those services are simplistic at best.  You understand what you want to get out of the contract, but does an automated contract drafting system?  Probably not.

That’s not to say that automated contract drafting systems are all bad.  They can be a good starting point. But a shrewd businessman was once quoted to say, at some point it will be “time for some real lawyering.”

Real lawyering means understanding the goals of the contract, the special aspects of the fulfillment process, the value and the consideration to be contributed by each party to the contract.  It means appreciating the relationship that has been developed to even get to the point of putting pen to paper, to memorialize the business transaction and the art of the deal that has come before the creation of the document that is put together to formalize the deal.

Navvee is focused on business.  We’ll make sure that the legal process of drafting the agreement that memorializes the deal doesn’t short circuit the efforts that went into establishing the deal or horribly delaying progress toward the consummation and execution of the deal.  Because that is where the true value lies. 


Even if you didn’t create the contract yourself, you still want Navvee’s business focus on your side for the review and negotiation of a contract drafted by a business partner.

Negotiating a contract doesn’t need to be a battle.  Sure, sometimes it gets to that point, but that is not the way that Navvee works.  We approach every contract review and negotiation with a view to how we can help make the deal a reality.

That’s our motivation: We want to help you make the deal.  We win when you win.

Let’s face it: there are plenty of awful contracts out there that cause more problems than they solve.  Many of these contract issues started from a combination of poor understanding, poor source materials, being rushed or a combination of all of these problems.

But even when we get one of those contracts we stay focused on the prize:  a completed deal.  We want to facilitate the deal, not kill it.

So, we work to focus in on those areas in which you, our client, need protection.  And then we work to modify language to protect you in the least invasive manner possible so that the contract redlining and negotiation process doesn’t end up killing the deal.  The language doesn’t need to be perfect. It just needs to work.

When you use your car’s navigation system to get you to your destination, you often set the system to find the route that gets you from point A to point B as directly and expeditiously as possible.

That is how Navvee conducts the contract review and negotiation process: by navigating the process for your business success.  


Because Navvee is a Business Advisory and Law Firm, we can do something that no other business law firm can do:  We can help you optimize your business contracting process.

What exactly does that mean?  It means we can help you create templates and tools that will streamline your contracting process.  It means the amount of time spent dealing with lawyers and negotiations and reviews and redlines and revisions gets shortened dramatically.

Picture this:  Instead of spending a lot of time developing a relationship to get to the point of forming a deal, only to have the attorneys spend the next couple of months arguing about how the words on the paper should read to memorialize that agreement, you focus on the words that describe the deal and keep all of the legalize in a supporting rather than a disrupting role.

We can help your company by creating estimation and proposal templates that flow directly into contracts that provide for adequate legal protection while not affecting the nature or key aspects of the deal.

It’s true:  Forming a contract to complete a deal does not need to be like a root canal appointment at your dentist’s office.

And we can show you how. Just let us review your business, your past deals and contracts, and your deal tools and materials and we will provide you with a way to get it all done simpler, cleaner, easier and faster than ever before. 


Do you have an in-house team of legal eagles who are charged with the papering of your deals? 

Or do you have outside counsel that has worked with your company for years but, no matter how much you try and get them to move faster, they continue to dot every single solitary “i” and cross every single “t” even if it’s in the footnotes or boilerplate section of the agreement?

Is you team fast and efficient or do you dread working with them because they drag every deal out  while they haggle over contractual language that you can’t even imagine has an actual impact on the actual deal?

It’s not their fault.  Most attorneys are educated to be critical thinkers and issue spotters. They are protectionist by nature and that is not a bad thing. 

But it can sure feel like it when you are trying to get that deal closed this quarter!

Let Navvee help.  If you have a legal team that you feel is more of an obstruction than a facilitator, we can help them be better.  From developing streamlined contracting processes to refocusing them on the consummation of deals rather than the obsessive and impeding focus on risk avoidance or protectionism, Navvee can improve your contract process and get you closing deals cleanly, safely and quickly.  

Contact us now to get started!

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