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Lots of companies can help you form an entity. Navvee helps you build the foundation for a successful business.

The process of forming an entity for your new company isn’t that hard.  Numerous online services exist to help handle the paperwork and the filing in a quick, expeditious manner.

But that’s just one aspect of forming and organizing a business.

The devil, as they say, is in the details. Forming and organizing a company so that it is properly prepared to be successful in business is a much more complicated undertaking.

And many entrepreneurs who thought that was all it took, found out differently, the hard way … often by either encountering costly, avoidable mistakes or by having their businesses fail because they just didn’t do enough at the beginning to make sure they “got it right the first time.”

Navvee is a business first firm with extensive experience forming, operating and advising  companies large (up to Fortune 10) and small (start-ups and small businesses).  We can help you by examining your plans, asking the tough questions now, ensuring that your company formation and organization is handled efficiently, effectively and completely.

Of course, there are other folks that offer help with formations and organizations and financing as well.  But always be careful about taking advice from the people that are also potentially investing in your company.  You often don’t share as many common interests as you think.

And if you’re a new venture, be sure to have a look at the Start-Up Packages that we offer as well.  You can find a run down of some of the processes that we can help you work through as part of forming and organizing your new company and getting it on the road to success.

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