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Navvee helps you protect and leverage them.

Being in business usually means that you are creating something on a regular basis.  You may not be in business at all, but you still know that you have something special that you want to protect. Sometimes you may not even realize that you are creating something, but you are. 

Here are some possible creations that you may have in your business or that you may have created personally that you may need assistance in protecting or leveraging and how Navvee can help.


      • Even the name you chose for your company is a creation all by itself.  You may want to trademark that name to ensure that no one else can use it.
      • If you created  a specialized service and have given it a particular name, you may have created a service mark and want to protect it from being used by anyone else.


      • Have you created something that is captured in a written form, or digitally, or on a canvas or in clay or on a tape recording?
      • Do you want to make sure that nobody can copy it or that if they do want to copy it they have to get the rights to that creation from you?
      • Then you may need assistance with registering and protecting a copyright


      • If you have invented something or you have created a special process to do or make something that you believe nobody has ever used before, you may want to patent it
      • The patenting process is a very specialized area of the law that requires a particular type of attorney.  While Navvee does not do patent law, we can help you determine whether you need assistance with the patenting process and help you identify a patent attorney to provide that specialized assistance.


      •  If you have a copyright or a patent or even a trademark and you want to allow someone else to use it, whether that is an individual or a business or a charitable organization or even your local church, you need to protect that granting of rights with an appropriate licensing agreement.
      • If you want to make money off of that licensed use of your protected creation, you may need to create or you could be entering into a royalty agreement.
      • Either way, we can help you understand your rights and options and help you leverage your creation and even make money from it while still protecting your rights.

Got another issue related to protecting one of your creations?  Just ask.  We’ll be happy to help.

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