Mergers & Acquisitions


From identification, to deal strategy, through due diligence, closing and even integration, Navvee can help ensure your business combinations unlock real success.

Businesses often grow through acquisitions.  Acquisitions increase total revenue, expand client lists, extend market reach, increase production capacity, add additional brands or product lines and more.

Somewhat trickier, mergers involve combing the good and bad of your own business with the pluses and minuses of another business … or perhaps even more than one other business.

Finding a suitable target or partner can be tricky.

Just determining those pros & cons, pluses & minuses, goods and bads can be a serious challenge.

Working through the process to not only identify synergies but also to make sure that the planned combination makes good business sense takes time, resources and various types of business expertise.

Determining the best financial arrangements for the combination require business and financial expertise and assistance.

In short, growth by acquisition or combination takes skill, experience, and a team of experts to help you do it right so you can enjoy the benefits that you are planning for.

With over 30 years of business expertise, experience with a range of financial and contractual terms and documentation to facilitate the deal, and a program of deal tactics including a DealBuilderTM online system that can be used to architect “no money out of pocket” deals that several other programs on the internet describe, Navvee has the tools, experience, expertise, partners and resources you need to do M&A right.

Get the results you want, the results you need.  Work with Navvee on your next merger or acquisition project.   


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