Solutions for Executive Assistants and Coordinators

The unsung heroes of every successful business are the administrative and coordination folks. You’re the ones that transform the dreamy plans and visions of the executives into actual meetings, events, documents, data shares and more.

While you may not be the one who originally requested or decided to have a meeting, get something done, or arrange for assistance, you are the one that has to “get it done”.

Navvee is here to help.


If you need help planning and executing a team meeting or a team building event, Navvee can help.  We provide planning and coordination services, help build out the agenda, get locations and arrangements made and help make the event a success.

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Paperwork comes in to every business at the speed of light. Navvee has easy to use document evaluation and review services that make dealing with documents of all kinds easy and straightforward.

Business and Commercial Law and Consulting


Every once in a while, every business (or a department within that company) needs to take a step back and look at what it needs to change. It needs to see what’s working and what’s not. It needs to develop plans to pivot or plans to strengthen or reinforce something that is already going well.

When you get to one of these points, it’s important, maybe even crucial, that you get help from an outside, impartial, but experienced advisor. That’s where Navvee can help.

And, more importantly, help developing executable plans for improving your business operations and management.

If this sounds like your company, Contact Us to find out more and get started.

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And maybe you’ve just been asked to evaluate Navvee to help out with a variety of business advisory and legal services that your company may need.

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