Using M&A Strategy to Future-proof your Tech Company

Using M&A strategy to future proof your tech company.

I recently published an article in the online business magazine, Brainz, in which I talked about the importance of developing a mergers and acquisitions (M&A) strategy to help futureproof tech companies.  It’s a timely message that I wanted to reemphasize here.

As any leader in a technology company knows, whether you are developing software or deploying IT services, staying ahead of the curve is extremely hard. Technology progresses so fast that it is very easy to get left behind.  Every year the usual prognosticators publish their latest crystal ball visions about where tech companies need to go next.  In my Brainz article I called out several recent ones, including predictions and guidance from such well-known and trustworthy sources as Deloitte Consulting, the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), and the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA).

But if you are just now reading about any of those strategies and haven’t already started working to develop products or services in one of those areas, you might already be too late.

So, what do can you do to try and keep up with future trends while at the same time continuing to curate your current business?  One strategy that many companies have used and that is tried and true, is mergers and acquisitions. 

If you can’t build it, buy it.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

If you only have a piece of the puzzle but want to be part of the winning team, find that team and help them see your value.

That all sounds great, of course, but M&A is not just something you decide to do one day and just start making phone calls.  You need a direction.  You need a plan.  You need to have an idea about what other companies might make sense for your company to join forces with.  Creating that plan can go one of two ways: 

  • You can form an internal committee, hire a team of consultants and develop a strategy over a period of time and spend an unspecified amount of time and money getting everything together, or
  • You can hire a highly experienced industry expert backed by a strong team of M&A professionals and get an M&A strategy put together for your company in only 30 days for a fixed fee that can be credited back against earned M&A commissions.

The second option is what I am offering, leveraging my 30 years of experience in technology and business to rapidly review your company’s assets and potential and develop a go-forward M&A strategy that is specific to your company. In only 30 days I’ll assemble my findings, prepare an M&A strategy, and compile a list of potential targets and/or suitors, ready for action.

In performing these services, I rely on my relationship with True North Mergers & Acquisitions.  True North has been doing M&A work for over 20 years and has an experienced team of professionals ready to assist with financial and business analysis.  Following the development of the M&A strategy, I will work with True North to assist you with actually pursuing the M&A efforts we’ve outlined.  For any deals that we close for you in the 18 months following the completion of the strategy project, we’ll deduct the cost of the strategy project from any commissions we earn.

Get in touch with me today using the Contact Us form on our site or by emailing me at or to discuss an M&A strategy engagement for your company.

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