Navvee is a business advisory and law firm.

We help navigate your business success.

Our practice areas are focused on business. But we’re more than your usual business law firm — we’ve actually built and run businesses and we know how to help in many ways.

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Our packaged offerings are set up to get you started fast without sacrificing anything.  We have the following types of packaged service solutions available:

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We specialize in Business Consulting & Law

Navvee is a business first firm with experience advising businesses as large as Fortune 10 and as small as a brand new start-up.  We have experience across a broad range of industries and we can get up to speed on your needs fast.

Check out our practice areas and some of the industries we’ve already served.

Special expertise in the Marijuana / Cannabis / Hemp Industry.

As a new and rapidly evolving industry with constantly changing regulations, fierce competition and rapid growth, you can’t afford. toget it wrong in the marijuana/cannabis or hemp industries.  We have experience actually building, growing and organizing operations within this challenging industry and we can help with everything from licensing to operations and more.

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Navvee is a Business Advisory and Law Firm with an emphasis on Business First.

Navvee professionals are business veterans.  People who have been on the client side of the table and know what it takes to get things done. 

With Navvee you will never be worried about deal killing contract negotiations, unworkable or overly complicated solutions, non-results focused advice or unnecessary, time consuming perfectionism.  We focus on results and keeping the wheels of commerce moving.

If you have worked with other companies and been irritated by any of these issues, you need to work with us.  We’ll keep you moving forward … smartly. 

Direct experience in the cannabis (marijuana) and hemp industry highlights Navvee's wide ranging industry experience and expertise.

New industries like cannabis and hemp are incredibly dynamic. The changes, innovations and discoveries come at you in rapid fire and on a daily basis. 

Not only does Navvee have direct experience with the complexities and challenges of the cannabis (marijuana) and hemp industries, it has experience across a broad range of industries and has proven time and again its ability to get up to speed on the next new thing.

Need to get an advisor or business attorney that can keep up with the special challenges of your industry?  That’s what Navvee does.


Choose a Packaged Services Solution for a fast start and lasting results.

Lots of firms offer fixed fee engagements and even offer some basic packages.

But times are changing and many business executives want a service that they can set and forget … until they need it, and then it needs to move quick and smart.

To make it easy to get started with Navvee, we have several packaged services solutions from Start-Up Services, to General Counsel Services, to Advisory and Coaching Services to Business Consulting

Have a look at our packages and get signed up quickly to get started with us.  Your satisfaction is our goal and you won’t regret getting Navvee on your side.


Our Business Law Practice Areas are all business, all the time.

With our experience being primarily with actually operating as well as advising businesses large and small, Navvee knows business better than most.

We can help with everything from Contracts to Formations and Organizations, Mergers and Acquisitions, Intellectual Property, and more.

Read more about some of the ways our team can help your team feel better about getting business law assistance.


Advisory Services range from individual executive coaching to full team advisory services and strategic offsite meeting facilitation.

As an executive you likely understand the old adage, “it’s lonely at the top”. 

But it doesn’t have to be.  

Navvee not only has packaged individual coaching services, it can also provide packaged advisory services to your top executives and can even participate as an advisor to your regular executive team meetings.  For an easily budgeted regular monthly price.

And when the time comes to do annual strategic planning or team building, we can help plan the agenda, handle site arrangements and setup, document everything, and even follow-up on meeting action items so that wasted off-sites become a thing of the past.


Business consulting services include everything from strategy to systems to employee compensation and more.

Business isn’t about just one thing.  It’s complex, dynamic, and multi-faceted. 

Navvee has experience across a broad range of business disciplines including full operational, financial, people, technology and manufacturing management.  We can help you organize your team, select the right systems to keep your company focused on results, and can even make sure that your people want to stay on for the long haul.

Have a look through our business consulting services capabilities and try out a Business Assessment and Planning Package.


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