Acquire, Grow and Exit Businesses Successfully

With High Impact Services From Navvee


Wouldn’t you like to have:

  • A smart acquisition strategy?
  • Deal flow right to your inbox every week?
  • Deal financial strategy and planning guidance?
  • Legal and deal assistance from one team, not two?


Smart companies grow with:

  • An expertly created strategic growth plan
  • Expert resources to execute the plan smart and fast
  • Business focused legal team that protects AND drives
  • Growth advisors that also know acquisitions


When it’s time, don’t you want:

  • A professional valuation of your company?
  • Expert advice on how to maximize your exit value?
  • Assistance finding the best possible buyer?
  • Hands on guidance through the exit process?


Whether you are buying your first business or you are buying a business as an add-on, roll-up, or tuck-in to your current business, we maximize your acquisition success.

Working with Navvee, you’ll know exactly what to buy, how to find it, how to buy it, how to structure the deal, how to navigate the process, and how to take over or integrate your newly acquired business.
1. Every great deal starts with a winning strategy
  • Know what companies you should be acquiring
  • Buy then build your new company
  • Know your financial situation and purchasing options
  • Have a deal coach in your corner – and map out your process
  • Develop YOUR winning strategy!
2. Find the companies that fit your criteria with Deal Flow Services.
  • Find the right companies.
  • Contact the right person.
  • Get help with outreach and discovery of your targets.
  • Get the data you need to be in control of the process.
3. Complete your acquisition quickly and effectively with M&A Deal and Legal Services.
  • Get professional deal structure and business formation advice.
  • Get deal process coaching, plans and templates.
  • Have a lawyer in your corner from day one.
4. Know where to GROW from here?
  • Closing the deal is just the beginning.
  • Get assistance with add-ons or tuck-ins and the integration process.
  • Leverage Navvee growth services to increase sales, profitability, and your success.
If you started your company from scratch and are looking to expand rapidly, growth by acquisition is a great way to go, but get help and be sure you’re doing it smart. And if you want to get started in a new business, then getting Navvee to help determine acquisition criteria and develop deal flow is the fastest way to success.



Whether you started your business from scratch or you bought it to build it, knowing exactly how to grow a business is best done with fresh perspectives and expert advice and assistance.

You need to know what to grow, how to grow it with what help, and how to make adjustments as you achieve results. You need growth services from Navvee.
1. Get a growth STRATEGY tailor made for your business.
  • Start with a Growth Consult and get a roadmap for YOUR business.
  • Acquire new customers, minimize costs.
  • Leverage current customers partnerships, affiliates, suppliers and more to generate more revenue.
  • Get access to our entire playbook of growth hacks and our network of experts.
2. Confidently GROW with a network of RESOURCES at your disposal.
  • Get the experts you need, when and as you need them.
  • Experts and professionals that know the strategies and tactics in your plan.
  • Accelerate your growth strategy, conserve time and energy.
3. Get guided EXECUTION of your growth plans.
  • Have Navvee provide overwatch on strategy.
  • Use General Counsel services to keep a lawyer in your corner and on speed dial.
  • Continually refine and update your strategy.
4. MEASURE AND ADJUST your ongoing growth success.
  • Develop metrics and reports to determine your success.
  • Leverage the data to refine your approach and tactics.
  • Maintain a strategic advantage through live visibility.
With Navvee helping you grow your business you’ll not only get help with strategy and plans, you’ll also get access to our broad network of experts to assist directly with execution of those plans. And with over 30 years of building companies across industries and geographies, and at all stages of development, Navvee has the tools and expertise to help you get it done right, and fast.



Selling, or EXIT-ing a business is not the same as selling a home. You don't just put a FOR SALE sign out and have an Open House.

When it's time to EXIT your business, you need professional assistance not only for the sale process, but for the exit strategy and preparation work that you need to do before you even begin the marketing process.

Let Navvee help you maximize your EXIT. 
1. Know your company’s value with BUSINESS VALUATION SERVICES.
  • Find out your company’s value and know what it’s based on.
  • Know what prospective buyers will be looking for in your company.
  • Strategize to maximize your exit value.
2.STRATEGIZE AND PREPARE to maximize your exit value.
  • Know your worth and who is most likely to want to acquire your business.
  • Determine the ways that you can maximize your value to those specific buyers.
  • Understand what you need to do to prepare for the best possible outcome.
  • Get an exit checklist and assistance with preparing everything in advance.
  • Surprise and delight the buyer with your organization and preparation.
3. Ace the sales process with GO-TO-MARKET PREPARATION.
  • Build marketing materials that will speak directly to the identified buyers.
  • Cast a wide net for buyers and maximize the chances for a bidding war.
  • Maintain confidentiality while maximizing exit value and streamlining the process.
4. Achieve the best possible exit with DEAL GUIDANCE.
  • Relax – confident in a deal team that’s ready for anything and everything.
  • Be advised on which offers provide the best after-tax compensation.
  • Get guidance through the closing table and beyond.
Navvee partners with True North Mergers & Acquisitions for many of its Exit Services, bringing you the additional power, experience and resources of a well-known and well-respected M&A firm.

Whether you are moving on to your next challenge, or you're ready for retirement, or you grew your business as large as you can and it's time to hand it off, we'll help you maximize the return on your years of investment.


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Our name, Navvee, is short for navigator or navigation. With decades of experience building, leading, and advising businesses from start-ups through several of the top ten businesses in the Fortune 500, and across more than a dozen different industries, Navvee has the experience, the tools and the experience you need to acquire, exit, build and grow your business. With high impact business advisory and law services, we can help you achieve the business success you want and deserve.

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